What’s Next? 

Well it’s now July and I have a little less than a month left of my YAV year in New Orleans. I can’t believe how fast this this year has gone. It feels like yesterday I was getting off that plane from orentation last August.

Well as usual I’m quite the procrastinator so of course it took me to almost the end of my year to get my plans together! So here it is, I have been accepted back in the the YAV program for a second year. I will be serving in New York this time though! Yep that’s right from the Big Easy to the Big Apple!

So I’m a little (ok a lot) nervous for my next steps, but I know I will muster up the courage. I also know that God will be walking with me too. So we will have to see if this small town girl can take on the big city of New York.

I am very excited that I do get to go home for at least a little bit in between my years of service. So if you want to catch up and hear a little more about my YAV experience I will be back in Minnesota for almost the whole month of August. So feel free to hit me up!


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