Here are just a few pictures I wanted to post to show everyone what I’ve been doing and a little bit of my job. Hope you enjoy!

   All the YAVs volunteering at a Christmas gift basket program for families in need.

  We went to Whitney Plantation. It is the only Plantation in Louisiana that shows you the experience from the slaves perspective.
  Steel cage that was used for punishment against slaves at Whitney Plantation

Me, Vinnie, Jocelyn, and Jean in front of the Plantation house

  Slave Quarters

Vinnie and I got the opportunity to go to Montreat College Conference in North Caroliona, we made lots of new friends from all across our presbytery.

Some of my students from the after school  tutoring program I run
  They are really great kids, and I love working with them

  Students from Mid City Ministries and Church members I work with
  Hard at work tutoring

 Teaching the students how to make stocking hat ornaments at our Christmas Camp Reunion



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